sábado, janeiro 19, 2013

punk style...

SKIN-[HUSH] Inari - DarkTears - Cream
HAIR-five black- analog dog
TATOO-TaTToo Leg Garter And Gun dark- TATOO PARADISE
                 TaTToo Attraction Of The Hibiscus 2- TATOO PARADISE

SKIRT-~CandyMetal~ Mini Skirt MESH  (L) Tartan Red-  55 L$
BOOTS-~CandyMetal~ Women Biker Boots (L) Exclusives Red- 70 L$
TOP-~CandyMetal~ Fuck You Top Up-  FREE (with acid lily group tag)

 is a new round on acid lily fashion gallery, exclusive items for 70 L$ or less and  one group gift :)
 limited time 01/14/2013 to 01/21/2013

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