quinta-feira, março 07, 2013

NEW!!! Al'Ol Malibu House Furnished

Malibu House looks great in any atmosphere, on the beach or in the highlands. This house supplies us with modern architectural inspiration and a wide range of architectural details.
A beautiful and contemporary combination of white walls and timber details make the residence stand out, the raised platform on which the house stands offered the possibility to constructing the pool and deck on a lower level, with direct access via a double set of stairs. The timber frame that adorns the building contrasts with the metal railings to create a modern and exciting design. Tall windows ensure the interiors get plenty of natural light.
Already fully furnished and decorated with only 450 prims (structure + furniture.) It's divided into a bedroom, kitchen, living room, and a amazing jacuzzi in the outdoor area!
About the bed and jacuzzi animations menu:
Al'Ol Romantic Bed and Al'Ol Jacuzzi comes with a menu with over 320 animations! Have a wonderful time with your love!
Key features: 
+ HIGH QUALITY FURNITURE with a lot of animations. 
+ Kitchen, bedroom, jacuzzi 
+ Big Pool 
+ Menu Control 
+ Tinting Windows 
+ Lockable doors 
+ Prims:450 with all the furnitures 
+ 36x48m 
+ Modify 
+ Copy
thanks ALbertt

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