segunda-feira, agosto 19, 2013



N1CO Studded Bra & Panties + Texture Changer HUD (mesh) BAGGED- NEW RELEASE!!!!

Sexy mesh studded bra with matching mesh studded panties, avaible in 5 sizes each, comes with texture changer hud for:
- 20 different panties sytles, 
- 28 different bra styles, 
- 22 different colours for studs + *hide* option for each of the 3 texture faces, for multicolor effects and so many options to mix and match the outfit as you please. 
- stockings with a cross behind ( cloth texture)
High quality textures with shine effects and very detailed design. 
See pic for more details. 
Please try demo before you buy .(demos doesnt come with the textures you see in the picture) 

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