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NEW!! OUTFIT N1CO AND P & W :: .. Boss 302 Box V.7


 Outfit - 

N1CO Band Outfit with Lolas tango and AZZ AppliersBAGGED

Black sexy leather uniform outfit , comes with: 
- pants and shirt (cloth texture) 
- sculpted collar ( sculpted shoulder epaulets with sculpted stars on it) + deletable resizer , 
- mesh officer hat + deletable resizer 
- appliers for lolas tango 
- appliers for AZZ ( pants + underpants 


 P & W :: .. Boss 302 Box V.7

Drive version is the version that we can drive the car, the driving features are 5 forward gears and 1 reversing gear. The cars scripts includes physcical contents not like the other scripts which makes the car move speedy like a rocket at 18th gear, if you try to move at 5th gear you car will speed up slowly, you may enjoy your drive using the gears from 1 to 5 for acceleration.

The features as follows can be adjusted on by menu,
Gas Pedal Sensitivity
Break Pedal Sensitivity
Mouse look mode
Keyboard use
All Use
Owner Use
Automatic Transmission
Stick Shift

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