quinta-feira, novembro 21, 2013

[BB] Beldezery AND [Castellian] // NS:: Big Heart Bag (1)GACHA MACHINE


SKIN-S&C. Ashlee - Peach Makeup 5
HAIR-[Castellian] Maria Hair - Black- NEW!!!
BOOTS-N1CO Gina Boot
SKIRT-[BB] Beldezery - Leather Skirt Pink
TOP-[BB] Beldezery - Tied Shirt White

BAG-NS::  Big Heart Bag (1)GACHA MACHINE
This item is a nice bag ♥  now you can find inworld store for time limited
only 35L$ or 50 L$
NS:: Heart Bag  (this item its not copy , not modify) you can to give like a gif for a friends

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