sábado, janeiro 11, 2014

::voxxi::. [Arna] Coat Brown Pack NEW!! AND sirias fashion room FROM -*Siria's Design* AND ::Enchanted Ink::


skin--Belleza- Ria Tan 4
hair-Tameless Gia - Naturals- new!! fashion addict project
shoes-*Siria's Design* Open Toe Cherry - sirias fashion room
TATOO-::Enchanted Ink:: - Take it  sirias fashion room
pants-[R3] - Soraka Jeans [V2]

jacket-.::voxxi::. [Arna] Coat Brown Pack
Short Winter Coat with 3 different Color inside Tops and one without inner Shirt.
Pack contains 5 sizes of XXS, XS, S, M, L + 2 alpha layers.

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