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SHOES-Macy Slink Heels High Feet /Hud Driven FASHIONATIC NEW RELEASE
This contains:
* Mesh Rigged Heels 
* Hud to Choose 35 Colors for the Shoes, Sole, Straps and 2 Part Colors
●The shoes are designed for the "Slink Avatar Enhancement High Feet (Appliers)" so if you don't have them, you must buy them from the main store Slink
●There is only 1 size as the "Slink Avatar Enhancement" has only 1 feet size.
●If you wear the shoebase but your shoe is still on the ground maybe you need to change your "Hoover" under "Body" in edit appearance
●You can change the parts color by wearing the HUD that is included in the product
●Alpha is not included, because you must wear the Slink feet with it's own alpha
100% Mesh / Rigged

DRESS-   Nefeli Chain Dress* Rigged Mesh (HUD Driven) +Lolas tango appliers *DreamLife - FashionNatic*

Nefeli Hud Controlled Chain Dress
* 5 sizes Rigged Mesh Mini Chain Dress 
* Hud with 35 Texture styles Dress, 35 Texture styles for the Straps, 2 styles Parts and Lolas Tango appliers 
* Alpha layer

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