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[hh] Billie Casual Outfit NEW RELEASE!!


HAIR-[monso] My Hair - Khaleesy/


[hh] Billie Casual Outfit  NEW RELEASE!!

Billie Casual Outfit. Hoodie Sweater & Sweatpants are HUD Driven 8 Colors (Prints & Plains). Lots of Accessories added to match. Mix and match bottom and top.
Including :
Texture Change Top, Rigged Mesh 5 Sizes 
Texture Change Pants, Rigged Mesh 5 Sizes 
Spiked Cap, Non Rigged, STRETCHABLE 
Sneakers, Non Rigged, STRETCHABLE (repostion and wear with your SLink AE Flat Feet) 
Handbag, Non Rigged, STRETCHABLE 
Cuffs, Non Rigged, STRETCHABLE

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