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-NS:: Mesh Sweater Dress



(¨*•.¸´•. :: RIGGED FITTED MESH HAIR :: ¸.•´¸.•*¨) 
Size/position can not be changed for rigged Mesh 
Please try demo & read the notecard included
MIX & MATCH with Flora hairstyle! 
-Skull Part [2 sizes rigged, Unrigged] 
-Ponytail [Rigged, Bounce] 
-Resize Unrigged Parts ONLY Via HUD 
-Two Physics Addon Breasts+Butt and Butt only [Wear with bounce version hair. This will make your butt/Breast bounce, Don't Wear it if you don't want them to bounce] 
-Two Versions: 
*Normal Regular fitted Rigged Mesh Hair 
*Bounce Fitted Rigged Mesh, You should wear the included physics with this version [Works cool with Walk/Stand animations only. Will NOT work properly for sitting and posing]. 
I was Just bored of glued hair to the breasts thought i would play with the rig a bit. This Version is made for who want some movements. If you don't like it you can just SKIP it! Normal Rig is included.

 SANDALS-[R3] - Imogen Sandals [V2]

DRESS-NS:: Mesh Sweater Dress
★Promotion for a limited time only until April 30★★★

◘ NS::  Mesh Sweater Dress (HUD) --> (offert Only 100L$) Limited time unter April30
Its a nice sweater dress with 8 nice designs

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