domingo, junho 14, 2015

**ArisAris~GaRa0~Odyssey~Jacket&Top NEW RELEASE


HAIR-[Entwined] Holly

PANTS-***Arisaris AA89 Contemporary Jeans

have 6 colors available with color change in the hud. 
Black, White, blue, light blue, gray, Red 
-5 Sizes 

SHOES-**ArisAris-B&W - AA99 - Nature Live Sandals

JACKET-***ArisAris~GaRa0~Odyssey~Jacket&Top NEW RELEASE

4 completely different and fun, original models, these jackets with top included, you can combine all your pants and skirts. 
Perfect for spring or summer nights. Although you can use in any season 
Retro, boho, Denim, embroidery, flowers, gradients and textures stunning of high quality. 
It includes mesh fitted, so you can use it with your mesh body.
-1 Fitted Mesh 
-5 Sizes(Standars) 
-1 hud textures change

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