sábado, julho 18, 2015

Entice Takes Part In Summer Hunt 2015

#7 At the Hop – White Polka Dot – 10L
#9 Bang Bang – Pink – 10L 
#10 Independant Woman – Blue – 10L

Entice is taking part in one of the best hunts of the summer, Summer Hunt ’15.  This hunt is a 4 sim hunt that includes the Flawless sim, Sage Isle Sim, LaVian Sim and the Corrupted Innocence Sim. There are displays that show the photos of the hunt items at all 4 sims, so you can only hunt for the items you want! Our 24 Hunt items are all found inside our store, just look for the colourful stars. We have created several brand new items that are exclusive items for the hunt and brought back some store favourites. The exclusive items are 15L each, everything else is 10L.

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