domingo, setembro 20, 2015

:::KC::: Lazzy Lingerie Red NEW RELASE AND ***ArisAris/


:::KC::: Lazzy Lingerie Red NEW RELASE

.ღ..ღ.The most sensual lingerie and high quality for special occasions.ღ..ღ.
★ Includes:
• Hud for Appliers.
• Appliers for 'Maitreya,Belleza,E-body, Omega & Classic Avatars'

SHOE-   ***ArisAris/B&W~Gara06~Trendy Celebrities~Classics NEW RELEASE
Trendy Celebrities: they are high-heeled sandals, very elegant, exquisite details and luxurious materials, while at the same time incredibly versatile, as you can use it with a gown, jeans .... it all depends on your style . 
It comes in two versions ... fantasy and classics, 10 different models for Classics and 10 different models for fantasy. 
Highly customizable ... you can combine everything with everything .... soles, uppers, insoles or pearls, you'll make your shoes are unique and also that combine perfectly with the clothes you have chosen.
(Besides acquiring FatPack, we can combine textures with the classics of fantasy, so the options are endless. And a 25% off than if you buy them separately)
- 10 leather basic textures (black, white, red, pink, brown, camel, Gold, chlorophyll, Blue and Mauve) 

- 1 pair of sandals for SLINK. 
- 1 pair of sandals for Maitreya. 
- 1 pair of sandals for EVE (Fitted mesh) 
- 1 pair of sandals for eBODY 
- 2 customizable HUD.

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