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Pacita Female Jacket - Fashionnatic

Pacita Female Hud Controlled Hoodied Jacket
* Only Size For Maitreya Lara Body. (Included Bigger Version so it should be compatible with a multitude of Tops.)
* Hud to Choose 40 colors for the Jacket, 60styles & colors for the Shirt, 45 colors & textures for the hoodie, 40 colors & textures for the staps and pockets and 2 styles for the Buttons.

Ebeny Skirt - Fashionnatic 

Ebeny Hud Controlled Skirt
* Rigged Mesh Skirt for Slink Physique + Hourglass + Maitreya + Belleza Isis,Freya, with the use of alpha hud 
* Hud with 10 colors Skirt ,40 for the Panties and 3 for the metals. Option for Specular on/off & Hide/Unhide the panties.
No Standard Sizes, No venus.

Sindra Female Boots - Fashionnatic 

his contains:
* Rigged Mesh Boots for Maitreya, Slink Flat feet Physique, Hourglass, Unrigged Version for Belleza(without the feet) & Standard sizes 
* Alpha Layer (for Unrigged version) 
* Shoe Base(for Unrigged version) 
* Hud to choose 20 colors for the Main, Sides, Back, Laces, Sole, Straps and 3 for The Metals.
100% Mesh / Rigged

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